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Psychotherapy and Coaching



What to expect

Therapy can be a meaningful and life-changing process, but at times will be difficult and challenging, which calls for some commitment and courage.


The most important aspect for a successful therapy outcome is the relationship between the client and the therapist itself. It is therefore advisable that you make an appointment for an initial face-to-face consultation and pay attention to how you feel with me or any other therapist and if you have a sense that you can develop a trusting relationship with them over time.


Ideally, we will be able to develop a relationship in which you will feel free to tell me if something is not working for you, you are angry or frustrated with me or anything else that happens in our relationship. This can all be very useful information for the therapy process and if you feel it, it will be important to explore it.


Some general information about the sessions*

* This information applies only to sessions with Alex Neumann. Please discuss the terms of other practitioners with them directly.

The individual therapy sessions are 60 minutes long and take place weekly, apart from pre-arranged holidays, on the same day and at the same time each week. Sessions with couples are usually 90 minutes long, and take place fortnightly unless otherwise agreed.

Absences and Ending

I will inform you well in advance of any planned holiday breaks and ask the same of you. All sessions that are missed or cancelled, apart from a maximum of 3 weeks planned absence in any 6 month of our work, will need to be paid for, as the allotted space and time is reserved only for you and the therapeutic relationship continues.


When you feel it's the right time to end therapy we will discuss the best time and way to end together. It is important we have at least two to three sessions of an ending period, ideally longer. The ending is often a very important part of our work together and there might be much to process. For long-term work a longer ending period would be appropriate.


Fees and payment

The fee for our initial 45-minute consultation is £35. The fee for the weekly, individual 60-minute sessions is £70. The fee for couples sessions is £120 per 90-minute session.

I will send you a monthly invoice for payment in advance by bank transfer, to be paid by the first session of each month. Alternatively you can pay cash session by session.


Confidentiality and Code of Ethics

The sessions are completely confidential except under three circumstances:


  • From time to time I will discuss my work with a clinical supervisor. This is a standard practice and helps me to work as well as I can with you. My supervisor is bound to the same code of ethics and confidentiality as I am.

  • If I believe you are at urgent risk of harming yourself or others, I reserve the right to break confidentiality in order to prevent harm. I would only do this in extreme circumstances and I will always try to discuss this with you first, before taking any action.

  • If required by a court of law to give evidence (e.g. in criminal proceedings).


I abide by the Code of Ethics of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). The Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions of the BACP can be found here.


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