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Psychotherapy and Coaching


I offer professional/clinical supervision of client work and practitioner development, for therapist, coaches, and anyone leading a team or working in a one-to-one supporting role, online via Zoom. I have a particular interest in supporting newly qualified therapists and coaches in the early stages of their private practice and helping them develop their own professional style and identity.

Why supervision?

Supervision is an important support for your professional development and can help you grow your practice, expand your skills as well as ensure safety and well-being of both yourself and your clients.

Many therapists and coaches enjoy learning from a variety of approaches, and my supervision, while grounded in my Gestalt therapy training, also includes systemic thinking, influences from existential and spiritual practices as well as a focus on embodied experience.

My approach

Rather than from one fixed school of thought, my supervision approach is relational, which means the focus of our work will be on exploring and better making sense of what might be happening between you and your client, and how this is affected by the wider context for both of you. We will also apply the same lense to our supervision work together, aiming to find new possibilities where stuck or find new insights about yourself through these relationships.


The fee for a 60-minute individual supervision session is £85, they can be arranged flexibly. If you are interested in group supervision, please let me know. Once a group of 2-3 people has formed, we can discuss the length/frequency of the sessions and fees per person.

Previous experience leading/training groups

I worked for several years as a team leader at The Awareness Centre with the NHS IAPT, where I helped a team of over 25 therapists in their placements through to qualification.

I have several years of experience working as a coach for startup founders and people who want to make a business out of their passion, and have co-led groups of 40-50 people through career change and life change programmes at Escape the City as well as run creative workshops for children and adults myself.

While setting up and running The London Practice, and have informally helped newly qualified therapists in finding their style as a practitioner and their feet in starting out on their own. I now run an online practice and face-to-face practice, and have started a second group practice in Berlin/Germany.

Further topics we could work on together

  • how to grow your practice and finding your ‘niche’

  • adapting safely and ethically to various contexts (agencies, short-term work, businesses)

  • practical issues such as marketing, rooms, insurance, data protection

  • your feelings about money, charging fees, and making the transition from unpaid work

  • self-confidence and 'not feeling ready' or having trouble saying no

  • how to incorporate creative experiments into your existing approach (online and offline)

  • exploring counter-transference and difficult feelings that arise in your work with clients

  • identifying your strengths, vulnerabilities and growing edges

  • managing risk and boosting your self-support

  • developing your own style - incorporating new approaches or letting go of old ones

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